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Gustav Tinghog and Daniel Vastfjall appear in a video, "Intuition och reflektion i ekonomiskt beslutsfattande" (in English), posted March 11, 2014 on vimeo.

Michael Greenberg and Karen Lowrie published a Biographical Profile of Paul Slovic in the January 2014 issue of Risk Analysis.

Psychic Numbing and Mass Atrocity” (pp. 126–142 in E. Shafir, Ed., The behavioral foundations of public policy, Princeton University Press) is one of SSRN's Weekly Top 5 Papers – May 3, 2013, with over 11,900 views and 8,700 downloads.

Paul Slovic's op-ed, "A new front in genocide fight," was published in The Register-Guard on Sunday, April 21, 2013.

Paul Slovic is the featured "Research Hero" in the April 16, 2013 blog post of :InDecision: inside decision-making science.

Northwest Boomer & Senior News' Deb Allen interviewed Paul Slovic for a March 2013 cover article entitled "The Psychology of Giving: Doing What You Can Do at Home and Abroad."


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