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Sarah Lichtenstein, Ph.D.

Sarah Lichtenstein is a founder and Treasurer of Decision Research. Her fields of specialization were human judgment, decision making, risk perception, and risk assessment. She is now retired but continues as an advisor and consultant to Decision Research. She published numerous journal articles and book chapters on topics such as preference reversals and value structuring. She was a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and served on the editorial boards of Organizational Behavior and Human Performance and Acta Psychologica.


Honoring a Lifetime of Research

The Society for Judgment and Decision Making honored Dr. Lichtenstein at their annual meeting in November, 2010. Read a glowing review of the night's presentation on the Knowing and Making blog. Watch the entire presentation on YouTube.

PowerPoint presentations from some of the speakers are available, for those who'd like to follow along (the start time of each presentation is listed in parentheses). In order of appearance, they are:

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